Midi Charging Cabinet

This is the Midi Charging Cabinet brought to you by 51T.

Please be aware this is the charging cabinet only. Contact us directly for charger options

Suitable for charging a range of up to 100 devices simultaneously - device dependent.

The perfect all-in-one mobile solution, a 51T® Cabinet is designed and manufactured to securely store and charge an array of mobile handheld devices.

The 51T charging cabinets are compatible with all 51T Cradles and Multi-dock charging solutions. Allowing users the freedom and ease of interchanging chargers and even refreshing their whole estate.

Available in a range of sizes per requirement, with a minimal footprint. A 51T® cabinet can charge a range of devices and its lockable doors provide secure storage.

Please contact us directly for more information and options.


Please be aware this is the charging cabinet only. Contact us directly for charger options

The perfect all-in-one versatile charging and storage solution brought to you by 51T. Maximise Return On Investment by minimising the need for excessive storage space.

Compatible with all 51T and a vast and varied range of OEM chargers. 51T charging cabinets enhance value for money in every sense of the term. Completely customisable inside and out - 51T cabinets offer nothing less than exactly what you require.


This product may be subject to one or more Patents or Design Registrations:

  • EM 002488809
  • US 29/513,651
  • GB 1121098.6


  • Securely store and charge up to 100 (Device Dependent)
  • Interchangeable & upgradeable cradles for all 51T products
  • Mixed Estate (Mixed models / brands / products)
  • Simultaneous charging of all devices
  • Ultra-compact design enhancing maximum capacity
  • Metal chassis for rigid accurate fit and security
  • Durable outdoor grade polyester resin coating
  • Heavy duty castors providing smooth movement
  • Dual pin lockable door with shatterproof window
  • Multiple positive pressure fans for ventilation and downward airflow 1M³/s
  • Optional built in WI-FI 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz
  • Dual pin lockable door with shatterproof window
  • Interior lights for improved user visibility
  • Power on LED, shows cradle receiving power
  • Internal voltage clamp prevents over-voltage to device
  • Neat / Simple - powered with single 3 pin wall plug
  • Repairable/replaceable parts
  • Extensive warranty & maintenance packages


  • Repairable / Replaceable parts
  • Strong
  • Made in the UK
  • Customisable
  • Designed in the UK
  • Anti-Vibration
  • AC / DC-12 / 24 240 Voltage
  • Security Bolts for strength and alignment
  • Recyclable Re-usable parts
  • Designed specifically for the device
  • Part of Modular Family