Leading the mobile device charge with TNT

Our client, TNT is a European market leader in global express, logistics and international mail services. They approached us with a small problem that had large ramifications in terms of cost of fixing, loss of data and operational compliance and traceability of vehicles. We pride ourselves on providing full solutions to small but complex problems at competitive rates and in record time.

The Human Aspect of the Last Mile
Last mile logistics, this final leg in the shipping journey is disrupting the market and businesses are rightly adopting new tech to help keep up. We take a look at the human aspect and discuss why enabling people with good hardware that fits the tech is key to delivering customer expectations.
Audit Advantage: The Importance of Hardware Audits
Growth is great in the business world. When you look at the fastest growing companies one thing is certain: Logistics companies continue to increase in the size of their revenues as well as their reach.
6 Technology Trends That Are Influencing the Healthcare Industry
Doctors and scientists have always seen the potential of healthcare and technology intersecting, even if they miss the mark a little bit (like the device from the early 1900s called an "electric bath").
5 Actionable Tips for Being a Successful Reseller
Would you like to expand your product range? And save money while doing so? If so, you should consider starting up as a reseller. Resellers offer a valuable outlet for wholesalers. Plus, it's a great opportunity to start a business without the hassle of a storefront.
Hyperloop impact on transportation management

The Hyperloop system aims to transport goods such as food, medical supplies and electronics at speeds of up to 760 MPH, completing journeys that would take 4 days by lorry in just 16 hours. The Virgin Hyperloop One’s frictionless pods will be propelled either by magnets or air expelled from the vessels themselves. Tubes will be suspended off the ground to protect against weather conditions and earthquakes.

Wearable tech transforming the healthcare sector.

The future of wearables is not just exciting for consumers with Fitbits, but a game changer for healthcare enterprises too, both new and old. The very clear advantages to exploring the potential for wearable tech in the healthcare industry is driving a disruption similar to that seen in a number of industries from retail to shipping.

Warehouse Technology Getting Smarter

The IoT is transforming the role of the warehouse, driving efficiencies and connecting what has traditionally been a back-office operation to the front end of the operation. With consumer demands rising, those enterprises that have the ability to connect data and logistics effortlessly are already one step ahead of their competitors. Driving this change has been the adoption of smart technologies.

Why multi-bay charging of mobile devices needs to be effective...

In recent times there has been a rapid growth in the use of technology to support mobile working within Europe, this has been seen particularly in the UK through the explosion in online shopping and demand for home delivery/click and collect, linked to growth in digital media services for the home and workplace...