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As a product manufacturer we see the future growth of the 51T brand being achieved through quality market development relationships with resellers. Our objective is to develop an inclusive global reseller network. Our ability to provide a solid sales support and a communications framework will underpin the sales process related to all 51T products within competitive markets.

We remove ambiguity, monitor order lead-times and control the full end-to-end life cycle of order fulfilment, so as to protect your service experience.


We connect into your sales process, creating a seamless link with your sales pipeline, using this to manage our supply chain to ensure product availability. For your exhibitions, demonstrations and pitches, we offer a full support through: materials, demonstration products and expertise. Our marketing activity is a continual and fluid process, designed to create product awareness across markets, linked to the real solutions we provide. 


Simplification of communication channels, reducing delays and enhancing user experience, all sit behind our communications strategy for you. We have established a single framework point into 51T, which manages orders, responds to requests and provides full support where needed. 

There are 4 specific benefits:

  • A dedicated email channel.
  • A dedicated point of contact.
  • A dedicated online portal for product ordering.
  • Monthly/quarterly reviews for strategic development and marketplace feedback.

Launched in April 2015, the 51T Ordering Portal provides a unique online environment for your sales team to access 24/7 to reach our range of products and to place orders for your customers. Products are presented for easy selection, aiding order building through a quick and logical process, which includes a cross-matches to your in-built product price listing and concessions. Orders are collected in real-time, and fed straight into the 51T fulfilment operation.   

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